Ok, I’m gonna put it out there, Koh Lanta is my favourite place in the whole of Thailand. Granted I haven’t been to every island, beach or town in this amazing country, but what I do know is that I absolutely fell in love with the island and would go back in a heartbeat. For those not in the know Koh Lanta is an island, or rather a collection of islands in southern Thailand, in the Andaman Sea. I got there via Krabi (Ao Nang port) but it can also be reached by all the neighbouring islands such as : Ko Phi Phi, Ko Yao Yai, Ko Lipe & Phuket. It’s super easy to get to!

So we know I love the place, but let me show you why. here are 18 Photos that will make you fall in love with Koh Lanta too.



Koh Lanta beach

It has miles and miles of beautiful beaches with soft sand and crystal clear water. Head away from the main villages and it’s easy to get a whole bay to yourself!


Koh Lanta bamboo beach

literally, not a soul around. is this paradise??


fall in love with Koh Lanta

yes, yes it is…


Explore other islands

Lanta islands

and once you’ve explored all the beaches of the main island you can hop on a long tail boat and see the smaller Lanta islands


longtail boat

snorkelling in Thailand

Go snorkelling in the numerous coral reefs with all the cute tropical fishies


snorkelling koh Lanta


Emerald cave Koh Lanta

swim through a pitch black cave into this gorgeous beach AKA Emerald Cave (yes, this is a pretty popular spot!)


Once you’ve explored the outer bits of the island, there is so much to see in the interior of the island with acres of jungle and jungle trails.

koh Lanta jungle


Koh Lanta jungle trails

with so much luscious beauty


Koh Lanta waterfall

and gorgeous waterfalls to cool you off after the hike through the trees.



monkey on Koh Lanta

and these cute little guys are literally EVERYWHERE.



awwwwww, just look at it


Elephant Koh Lanta

plus there are these majestic creatures


Lizard Koh Lanta

and this weird thing. I spotted a snake too, but wasn’t fast enough with the camera 🙁



sunset Thailand

but best of all, these stunning sunsets…


Koh Lanta sunset

just look at it….




and if that hasn’t convinced you to get on a plane and visit Koh Lanta, I don’t know what will. Forget Samui, Phuket, Phi Phi etc, Lanta has traditional Thai charm and beauty unspoiled by mass tourism (so far)

Have you visited Koh Lanta? let me know what you thought, or if you know of any other Thai islands that are worth checking out,

*Special thanks to Louise Watson & Iain kane for taking these stunning photos

Rachel 🙂